Fundraising Communications at Arm’s Length

Literally in the hands of the people you need to reach.

The Engage  fundraising mobile application enables you to draw people closer.

Put your messages in the hands of staff and board members, campaign volunteers, donors and community influentials. Introducing fundraising mobile applications designed to support ongoing communications, training, major gifts, campaigns and branding.

New Tools Support Proven Ways

Engage is not a different way to execute the fundamentals of donor-centric relationships.

But it IS a way you can use digital-age technology to support your “moves management” and put timely information at donors’ fingertips.

It’s Easy to Engage

If you know how to use a mouse, you can easily operate an Engage app.

  • With a few clicks on the drop-down menu you can achieve almost infinite segmentation by selecting criteria that precisely select your audience.
  • To send an article through the app, click on the post-a-new-article bar and fill out the fields for title, summary and text.
  • With other clicks add items like videos, surveys and images.
  • To communicate with all your constituents at once, click on “Send to all subscribers.”
  • To home in on one segment just click on the menu and it’s easy to add or delete individuals or segments.

Engage For Training and Motivation

Engage, inform, motivate, and seek feedback from your board, staff and volunteers. Present training materials to volunteers, use Q&A surveys to find out what they know.  Share industry news, tips, fun quizzes, inspiring videos. Use gamification to test knowledge and give fun rewards.

Engage For Major Gift Cultivation

Deploy the app after initial contact with a prospective donor. Put instantaneous, targeted case information at your prospect’s fingertips. Segment audiences by potential levels of giving, kinds of gifts (planned giving, etc.), locations of potential donors ­­– you decide.

Engage For Campaign Management

Use the app in the thick of a campaign as a frontline tool. Precisely segment communications with various campaign divisions or strata. Gather progress reports continually.

Engage For Community Branding

Distribute a constituency-building digital magazine with healthy lifestyle features, the latest healthcare news, and custom content. No printing or postage – and your publication is in your readers’ hands every day.

Engage For Connecting to Donor Prospects

Engage your board in introducing prospects to your middle and major gift fundraising process. Collaborate with people uniquely positioned to introduce you to prospective donors. Keep them engaged and provide an easy way to get

Be sure to visit us in New Orleans at the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy International conference, October 18 – 21, 2017, for a demo of the Engage Mobile Communications app. You’ll find us in Booth 213.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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